The Dutch consulate in Tsukiji, Tokyo.
Tokyo Tsukiji Teppouzu (東京築地鉄炮洲景, 1869) by Ichiyosai Kuniteru (一曜斎国輝) showing the Tsukiji Hotel in Tokyo’s foreign settlement. The Dutch flag near the hotel denotes the location of the Dutch consulate. (Ichiyosai Kuniteru, woodblock print, ink on paper, MeijiShowa. Detail.)

6. Other Locations


In addition to Nagasaki, Kobe, Osaka, Kanagawa, Yokohama, and Tokyo’s Takanawa and Shiba districts, the Dutch government has been active at other locations.

From January through October, 1869, there was a vice-consulate at the NHM office at the foreign settlement in Tokyo’s Tsukiji area. It was housed at Minami-Odawara-machi 4-chome 2-banchi, near the famed Tsukiji Hotel, and fell under the Yokohama consulate managed by Consul Van der Tak.

As there was little or no business to conduct in Tokyo, both the office and the vice-consulate were quickly closed. NHM-employee and Vice-Consul Adriaan Mees was then sent to Niigata to set up an NHM office there. The address is as yet unknown. This also quickly closed.

In 1927, a new vice-consulate was set up in Tokyo. It became a consulate in 1939.1

Other Japanese towns that have housed diplomatic missions—mainly vice and honorary consulates—are Hakodate, Sapporo, Nagoya and Shimonoseki.

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What we still don’t know

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  1. Where were all the honorary and vice-consulates located, and from when to when?
  2. Why were they there, and what role did they play?


1 Nationaal Archief. 2.05.115 Inventaris van het archief van het Nederlandse Gezantschap in Japan (Tokio), 1923-1941: 114 Tokio (vice-consulaat), 1927-1941.


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