Brief introductions to selected Dutch diplomats in Japan: Donker Curtius, De Graeff van Polsbroek, Pabst, Van de Polder.

Jan Hendrik Donker Curtius

1. Jan Hendrik Donker Curtius

The last Opperhoofd and the first Dutch diplomatic representative in Japan.

Dirk de Graeff van Polsbroek, ca. 1869

2. Dirk de Graeff van Polsbroek

The first Dutch consul in Japan. Arguably the most consequential diplomat the Netherlands has had in Japan.

Jichinsai of the Residence of the Embassy of the Netherlands, Tokyo, 1927

4. Jean Charles Pabst

The Dutch envoy in Japan from 1923 through 1942. Pabst experienced the Great Kanto Earthquake and the start of WWII hostilities between Japan and the Netherlands.

Léon van de Polder, 1908

3. Léon van de Polder

The longest serving Dutch diplomat in Japan.