160905-0011 - Sailing Vessels

From Dejima to Tokyo

Notebooks with raw data, newspaper articles, and primary documents.


Because many of my notes did not make into the final articles, I have kept the pages with my raw notes active for people researching the same topic. These notes are unedited, so please be aware that they may contain errors. The information, and the footnotes, in the actual articles has been checked, edited and reviewed.


Newspaper Articles

See the explanations under Notes.

Primary Documents



The date in the title for newspaper articles generally refers to the original information. For example:

  1. The information was authored in Yokohama on December 24, 1864.
  2. The auction was announced to take place on January 15, 1865.
  3. The article was published by Algemeen Handelsblad in Amsterdam on March 4, 1865.


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